Zoomed Still Life

Realistic Drawing and Oil Pastel/Watercolor Techniques


In this unit, students learned drawing from observation.  They started by trying to trust their eyes, and use the right side of their brain.  They then created thumbnail sketches using viewfinders and making sure to have a good composition.  Using grids, they enlarged their drawings, and then spent time making sure everything was the right size, shape, and place.  They added details and created carbon paper to transfer their drawings onto watercolor paper.  Then, they learned about value (lights and shadows), and created a value study of their flower.  Finally, they learned about color theory and color mixing before starting their final paining done in watercolor.


Idea Development Design Personal Choice Studio Skills Craftsmanship
Drawing fills the page and has an interesting composition. Drawing shows accurate size, shape, and placement of the parts and pieces of the still life Drawing shows good studio habits (neatness and taking risks).
Drawing shows that you were looking more at the still life than at your paper.
Drawing shows where your light is coming from and looks 3-D through value (light and shadow).
Drawing shows use of oil pastel techniques (blending and mixing).



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