Mind Map Sketchbook Covers

Composition and Marker Techniques


In this unit, students will create sketchbook covers while learning about the strange history of Phrenology.  Their covers will include: symbolism, including text into artwork, composition, and color.  We will begin the unit looking at several of Phrenology Diagrams and Mind Map inspired artworks.  We will look at the different kinds of fonts that use shape instead of line, and begin to think about how to create one.  After brainstorming ideas for things that make them unique, students will combine these and text to create their mind map.  Students will then review and discuss elements of a good composition, and create several ideas (thumbnail sketches) for their final piece, before starting on their final sketchbook cover.



Idea Development Design Personal Choice Studio Skills Craftsmanship
My Mind Map includes a background of my name creatively. My Mind Map includes a neatly traced silhouette that is not centered and cropping. My Mind Map includes at least 6 things about me. My Mind Map is colored neatly.
My Mind Map at least 3 spaces that are labeled in an interesting font. My Mind Map has at least 4 images about me that are big and filling the space. I showed effort and risk taking in making my mind map.
My Mind Map has at least 2 patterns about me that repeat to fill the space.
My Mind Map has colors that balance inside my head.
My Mind Map has a contrasting background



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