Playing Card Designs

Realistic Drawing and Digital Design Techniques


In this unit, students learned about creating interesting gestures, and accurate human proportion and use these to create a  playing card design.  We began by learning how to do gesture drawings and get interesting poses on paper.  Students then measured themselves, and learned how to fix their proportions to be accurate.  They learn about body shape and how to draw body parts, getting accurate humans on their paper before adding clothing and accessories.  After looking at different playing card designs, they design a playing card with a theme that shows through their clothing and accessories.  Their designs are finished using Adobe Photoshop/Pixlr to manipulate their drawings to create an interesting card composition and add color.

 Drawing Criteria

Idea Development Design Personal Choice Studio Skills Craftsmanship
My playing card figure has an interesting gesture. My playing card drawing is proportional in length. I traced my drawing neatly with sharpie.
My drawing has clothing that matches my god/goddess. My drawing is broken up by the joints in the right places.
My drawing includes 2 accessories that match my god/goddess. My drawing has body parts that look accurate (ex. arms look like arms).
My drawing includes a playing card suit (ex. Clubs) as a detail. My drawing has hands and feet that are the correct shape and size.
My uniforms are made up of accurate clothing that fit.

 Digital Criteria

Idea Development Design Personal Choice Studio Skills Craftsmanship
I colored my image so that it makes sense with my theme. I resized my canvas and moved my image around to come up with a good composition for my card. I used Pixlr to erase background on my image. I saved and turned in my image correctly.
I placed my suit and text so that it is balanced. I used Pixlr to flip my image around.
I used the same colors in multiple places to create color balance. My card includes text that I picked the font and size and is flipped correctly.
I imported my playing card suit flipped it and resized it.


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