Illuminated Logos Sketchbook Covers

Composition and Pen and Ink Techniques


In this unit, students will create sketchbook covers while learning about illuminated letters that include: symbolism, including text into artwork, composition, and pen and ink techniques.  We will begin the unit looking at illuminated letters from the book of Kells and other medieval manuscripts.  Students brainstorm several ways their own talents or interests could become a career someday.  Then, students will look at and create their own logo by combining their initials using an interesting font.  Students will then review and discuss elements of a good composition, and create several ideas (thumbnail sketches) for their final piece, before starting on their final sketchbook cover.



Idea Development Design Personal Choice Studio Skills Craftsmanship
My logo includes my combined initials. My symbols are big so that they overlap or are cropped. My logo includes at least two inking techniques. My logo’s inking techniques are done neatly.
My logo includes patterns inside my combined initials. My logo includes a background pattern. My logo includes inking that fills at least half the white space. I showed effort and risk taking in making my logo.
My logo includes at least 2 symbols of the same career. My logo has an interesting composition through overlapping.
My logo has an interesting composition that fills the page.



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